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Life Skills for Soldiers Happy Hour

October 25th 5:30-7:30pm
Peninsula Golf & Country Club

701 Madera Dr San Mateo, CA 94403

Please join us for our very first happy hour. This exclusive small group event will feature an open bar and extraordinary guest speaker who was recently booked for the Joe Rogan podcast. 

Guest Speaker

Kegan "Smurf" Gill

Kegan Gill.png

Kegan Gill is a former US Navy F/A-18E fighter pilot whose life changed forever after narrowly surviving a jet crash in which he set the record for the fastest ejection in naval aviation history. In the process of ejecting, Kegan sustained catastrophic injuries that literally ripped his limbs apart along with a severe traumatic brain injury. His body landed in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic, and his wet suit had ripped open. With his parachute still attached, and unable to move his arms, Kegan was continuously dunked into the freezing water for two hours before his rescue. 

Today, he shares his story of the accident, his miraculous physical recovery, and the extreme hardships he faced following the incident. He explains how a traumatic brain injury led him to a psych ward, on psychiatric medication - and how he started his journey to healing, and supporting others to do the same. 

Our Research

Army Special Forces Schoolhouse #1
Army Special Forces Schoolhouse #2
Army Infantry Battalion

What Our Users Say

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"Life Skills for Soldiers empowers people to take control of their spending and saving habits. On a regular basis, Soldiers encounter complex issues... LSFS works to ensure finances are not one of them."

1LT Patton

Army, Fort Campbell, KY

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