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The mission of Life Skills for Soldiers is to improve service-members' lives through life skills education. Our vision is to create a platform and leverage the train-the-trainer methodology to make it easy for all military leaders to teach their subordinates valuable life skills.

What Our Users Say

Courtney Class, Seoul Airbase, 06:01:202
2LT Johnson

Army, Camp Casey, Korea

"Life Skills for Soldiers has changed my soldiers' lives including my own through skills education. They pushed me to learn about investing so I could teach my soldiers. Now one of my soldiers even has the knowledge to teach this class herself."

1LT Miller.jpg
1LT Miller

Army, Fort Bragg, NC, USA

"Watching my soldiers get excited about making a budget so they can spend their money on useful things was a great experience"

1LT Zeiler.jpg
1LT Zeiler

Army, Fort Bragg, NC, USA

"This class gave me an opportunity to teach my soldiers and NCOs about how to put their money to work for them. It also gave my NCOs a chance to show their soldiers that they cared by creating personalized plans with their soldiers"

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Your journey to teaching your soldiers important life skills starts here. Click a course below in our course catalog and prepare yourself to teach your soldiers.

How to Buy a Car
How to Choose and Use a Credit Card

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