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Financial Readiness

for the

Front Lines

Our Mission

The mission of Life Skills for Soldiers is to improve service-members' lives through life skills education. Our vision is to create a platform and leverage the train-the-trainer methodology to make it easy for all military leaders to teach their troops valuable life skills.

The Problem


22.4% of currently serving families have $500 or less in savings in 2021


29% of junior enlisted troops faced food insecurity in 2020


Financial management is the #1 predictor of veteran homelessness. A greater predictor than PTSD or TBI

Our Solution

Life Skills for Soldiers creates content and leverages software to equip military leaders with tools to help their soldiers build a stable financial foundation.


Our Platform

One stop shop for expert built modular courses. Set your teams up for success on vital topics such as the TSP, Budgeting, and Investing. 

Digital Experience

What Our Users Say

Courtney Class, Seoul Airbase, LSFS, Life Skills for Soldiers Review

"Life Skills for Soldiers has changed my soldiers' lives, including my own, through skills education. They empowered me to learn about investing so I could teach my soldiers. Now one of my soldiers even has the knowledge to teach this class herself."

2LT Johnson

Army, Camp Casey, Korea

Our Community

Our Community

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