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What Military Leaders Say About Us


"I was surprised to see how few of my soldiers knew what they were spending money on - I had one E-2 who was spending almost 20% of his paycheck on the barracks vending machine. Watching my soldiers realize how they were spending their money and seeing them get excited about making a budget so they can spend their money on useful things was a great experience." -2LT, Army, Fort Bragg, NC

"This class gave me an opportunity to teach my soldiers and NCOs about how to put their money to work for them. It also gave my NCOs a chance to show their soldiers that they cared by creating personalized plans with their soldiers. In the end about half of my Platoon that didn't already have some kind of investment or TSP account created one leading to a decline in disciplinary issues and a huge boost in Platoon camaraderie. Highly recommend." -1LT, Army, Fort Bragg, NC


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